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Western Union and Money Gram work only on weekdays. After you send us the full payment information, your payment is usually collected in 1-3 workdays. 

Some BTC payments get confirmed instantly. Some BTC payments are usually confirmed within 1 day after you send us the BTC payment details.

Zelle and Bank Transfer payments are usually confirmed within 1-4  workdays after you send us the payment details.

You can edit your address information in My Account > Change My Info after logging in to your profile.

Please remember: Your new address information will be displayed in your coming orders. For your older orders, please contact us on time to make the necessary change. 

**Make sure your shipping address is valid. Otherwise we will not be responsible for undeliverable packages.

You can send upload & send in via email with order number or You can upload the photo by clicking the Payment Notify button on your order page.

Following your payment collection, we immediately forward your order to the relevant warehouses. After that, the postal processes are carried out by the suppliers. It may take some days until your package is shipped out by the warehouse. This time varies by the warehouses. Warehouses decide on shipment days taking into account many factors including the safety and security of your package.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Unfortunately, shipment mistakes might occasionally happen don’t worry about it. Please Contact US. We will resolved it  Sometimes We will ask for photos of the packaging showing the details like TN and shipping address. Please make sure that this photo shows ALL of the received items. We will review the issue and take necessary steps to fix it asap.

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