Athletes who used steroids for fitness & bodybuilding

Athletes who used steroids

Athletes who used steroids

There are many athletes out there who use steroids for fitness and bodybuilding. Since the start of the athletic competition, competitors have been testing anyway to tell their opponents more.

These usually include the most rigorous understanding and training. With the progress of treatment, steroids arrive.

This magical little drug has put just about every competitor and many illegal legs in every sport, especially baseball, cycling and track, and field. 

Taking steroids has tracked many athletes’ professional sports careers. Many of these stories contain headlines and have gone mainstream media.

Here are five samples of several important athletes who subsequently used steroids. There are famous athletes who used steroids

  1. Roger Clemens
  2. Chris Benoit
  3. Marion Jones
  4. Barry Bonds
  5. Jose Canseco
  6. Jason Giambi
  7. Mark McGwire
  8. Floyd Landis
  9. Barry Bonds
  10. Jose Canseco
  11. Ben Johnson
  12. Alex Rodriguez
  13. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  14. Lance Armstrong

Greatest Athletes Who Used Steroids

1. Roger Clemens 

Like all the other great baseball players before him, he’s from Texas State. He was one of the easiest calls in the league between the 80s and 90s until he started to decline.

As age began to evolve, Clemens decided that he needed some help and started taking drugs to increase the risk. 

The name “Juiced” was included in Jose Canseco’s book, together with his friends who played baseball, who had knowledge of steroids.

He was also named in the “Michelle Report” famous for steroids for over 80 years. Clemens has never admitted to using drugs, even lying so far under oath and has been convicted of perjury.

2. Chris Benoit

Benoit is one of the most successful and famous professional wrestlers of your time. Steroids are widely used in the sport of wrestling because there is no real rule against them. 

Steroids adversely affected Benoit’s mental state, resulting in the death of his wife, young son, and himself in his home state of Georgia in 2007. 

Experts say the treatment he was using to address his years of steroid use was not his steroid, but his explanation for his breakdown.

3. Marion Jones

This is often the most famous example of female athletes taking steroids. She was once considered the fastest woman in the world.

He denied the rumors for many years until it became very clear. Admitted for the use he was blocked on his way to justice for lying about his steroid use.

As a result, all of her Olympic medals were removed and she was sentenced to six months in federal prison.

4. Barry Bonds

Moving from the Pittsburgh Pirates to the San Francisco Giants, many baseball fans find the huge gains in bonds to muscle mass to be very questionable. He then set the all-time record for home runs in a season with 73. 

Like many of his steroids using replicas, he was convicted of lying in court. As a result, the fine is fine and as a result, its public image is completely destroyed.

5. Jose Canseco

Hoss might be the most hated person in baseball by his teammates and former players.

He has written a tell-all book about steroids in baseball and used many other players, including ex-Bash brother teammate Mark McGuire, who used his book “Juiced” to be the most important checkout steroid use in any composition professional sports. Of course, he acknowledges his own use of drugs in the book.

It only added to the validity of his claim that others had invested in them as well. Players are requesting them to stay in the position they liked best.

They need hard-working labor, regular training and practice sessions, a rigorous diet and a routine lifestyle.

It is often to hypnotize their abilities and take care of body form and energy. Players do everything they can to give the simplest performance to contribute to the history of the sport.

However, this sometimes happens when regular moves aren’t executed, or when players want to succeed in a position when no one else has, or no one else ever wants, to take a shortcut. 

When they see themselves committing illegal acts using steroids, performance-enhancing drugs, and so on, it is our steroids used by the top 10 Great Athletes that allow us to take a look.

6. Jason Giambi

Baseball star Jason Giambi Jason Gilbert Giambi is an American baseball first sacker and batter. he’s a free agent.

Since the start of his big league Baseball career in 1995, he has been a neighborhood of the Oakland Athletics, NY Yankees, Colorado Rockies, and Cleveland Indians.

He has received several accolades, including becoming the American League MVP in 2000 while with the Athletics, a five-time All-Star leading the American League fourfold, etc.

He admitted to using steroids during the off-seasons of 2001-2003, besides injecting human somatotropin in 2003. Before the 2005 season, he made public, but an unspecific, apology.

The lawyer who had illegally leaked the testimony pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison. Giambi now holds the tenth place in our list of the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids.

7. Mark McGwire

Former American baseball player Mark David McGwire or Big Mac currently as hitting coach for the l. a. Dodgers.

He played in big league Baseball as a primary baseman for the Oakland Athletics and therefore the St. Louis Cardinals between 1986 and 2001.

In 1998, Associated Press writer Steve Wilstein wrote a piece of writing during which McGwire confessed to taking an over-the-counter muscle enhancement product called androstenedione which had been banned by the planet Anti-Doping Agency, the NFL, and therefore the IOC.

McGwire, with Canseco, was among 11 baseball players and executives subpoenaed to testify at a congressional hearing on steroids in 2005.

And in 2010, he admitted to using PED during an outsized portion of his career. Mark now holds the ninth place in our list of the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids.

8. Floyd Landis

Retired American professional road racing cyclist Floyd Landis achieved the highest place within the 2006 Tour de France. But, the authorities later stripped of his achievement when he came positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

He first joined the Mercury Cycling Team and have become professional in 1999. He then began to get attention for his special skills in climbing, time-trialing and descending.

Landis joined the US mail team in 2002 and later moved to the Phonak Hearing Systems team in 2005. The Phonak Cycling Team on July 27, 2006, after Landis completed stage 17 of the 2006 Tour de France,

Announced that Landis tested positive for a strangely high ratio of the testosterone hormone to the epitestosterone hormone. He now holds his place among the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids.

9. Barry Bonds

Former American baseball outfielder Barry Lamar Bonds or simply Barry Bonds spent 22 seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants in big league Baseball.

He’s considered one among the best baseball players of all time as he also included in All-Star 14 times and achieved the NL MVP awards seven times. Greg Anderson, his personal trainer, was charged with supplying anabolic steroids to athletes in 2003.

Barry’s reputation was also suffering from this scenario and he became one among the key figures within the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative or the BALCO scandal.

Bonds during the investigation have said that he used a transparent substance and cream given to him by Anderson who said to Bonds that those are linseed oil and a topical arthritic cream. He surely deserves his place among the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids.

10. Jose Canseco

Cuban-American former big league Baseball outfielder José Canseco Capas, Jr., famously referred to as just José Canseco, is additionally considered one among the foremost talented batter of all time.

He created an enormous sensation on media when he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during his playing career. Canseco published a book called “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big” in 2005 during which he admitted using performance-enhancing drugs.

He also mentioned his former teammates Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Jason Giambi, Iván Rodríguez and Juan González as steroid users as he also claimed to possess personally injected the steroids.

Canseco was also once arrested to bring a drug across the U.S.-Mexican border. Jose surely deserves his mention among the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids.

11. Ben Johnson

Canadian former sprinter Benjamin Sinclair “Ben” Johnson, famously referred to as Ben Johnson, achieved an Olympic trophy and two Olympic bronze medals in his active track and field career.

He set the planet record twice consecutively within the 1987 World Championships in Athletics and therefore the 1988 Summer Olympics. Johnson was later lost his Olympic title and both records as he was tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Park Jong-sei of the Olympic Doping center found stanozolol in Johnson’s blood and urine samples. IAAF stripped off his record as he admitted to using steroids when he ran his 1987 record.

Johnson later claimed that his Lewis’ Santa Monica Track Club teammate André A. Jackson may have placed the stanozolol is one among the beers Johnson drank before the urine test.

He surely holds his place among the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids.

12. Marion Jones

Former world champion track and field athlete Marion Jones-Thompson famously referred to as Marion Lois Jones or simply Marion Jones also put her mark as knowledgeable basketeer for Tulsa Shock within the WNBA.

Within the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, Marion achieved 3 gold medals. But later, stripped of the titles as she was detected to use performance-enhancing steroids.

But, the planet still remembers her together of the foremost famous athletes linked to the BALCO scandal.

Besides her, BALCO also reported his Jones’ ex-husband athlete C.J. Hunter, and 100m sprinter and therefore the father of Jones’ first child Tim Montgomery as a PED user.

The drug result results from us Track and Field Championships in Indianapolis reported that “A sample of Marion Jones’ urine tested positive for Erythropoietin, a banned performance-enhancer” on Midsummer Eve, 2006.

He surely deserves his place among the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids.

13. Alex Rodriguez

American baseball third sacker and shortstop Alexander Emmanuel “Alex” Rodriguez nicknamed “A-Rod” currently plays for the NY Yankees of big-league Baseball.

He also spent his playing career with the Seattle Mariners and therefore the Texas Rangers. He achieved the foremost Valuable Player Awards in American League 3 times and is also a 14-time All-Star.

Alex also won the Gold Glove Awards twice and Silver Slugger Awards a record ten times.

He became one among the most suspects within the list of 104 players who were seized during the BALCO investigation. They were charged due to the federal raid on the great Drug Testing facility in 2004.

Alex in an interview with ESPN once told that he felt “an enormous amount of pressure to perform” and later admitted to using PED from 2001 till 2003. He now holds his place among the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids.

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Austrian-born American actor Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is additionally famous as an actor, producer, activist, businessman, investor, writer, philanthropist, and politician besides his active career as a former professional bodybuilder.

Arnold served because of the 38th Governor of California in two spells from 2003 to 2011. He once admitted using performance-enhancing anabolic steroids once they weren’t illegal to use.

He wrote, “steroids were helpful to me in maintaining muscle size while on a strict diet in preparation for a contest.

I didn’t use them for muscle growth, but rather for muscle maintenance when cutting up,” in 1977. He went drastic and sued German doctor Willi Heepe who claimed that he would die early due to steroid use.

Arnold surely deserves the second place in our list of the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids.

15. Lance Armstrong

Former American professional road racing cyclist Lance Edward Armstrong is widely considered one among the best cyclists of all time and has won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005. 

Us Anti-Doping Agency published an in-depth report regarding Armstrong. In 2012, the Union Cycliste Internationale banned him from competitive cycling for the remainder of his life for doping offenses. 

Armstrong now holds the highest place among the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids. Armstrong denied all the doping allegations until January 2013. But in January 2013, he admitted using performance-enhancing drugs during a television interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey. 

The legendary cyclist also claims to possess submitted to 24 unannounced drug tests by several anti-doping authorities.

The Bottom line is

Thus, many of the players have just been proven guilty of using steroids to reinforce their performances.

Despite having denied the reality for an extended time, while many of the athletes ended up confessing the reality.

They not only lost their reputation but also their titles for his or her wrong decisions. And, we hope that you simply liked our list of the highest 10 greatest athletes who used steroids.